We have a wide range of financial products. One of them may be for you. Private sector Small and medium-sized enterprises (less than 250 employees) and midcap companies (up to 3 000 employees) can get growth finance or a loan from partner financial institution. Large corporations and midcap companies can benefit from loans to finance individual projects or research and innovation Public sector

Local authorities, public sector companies and other government-related entities can get loans to finance a single project, a single loan that covers a range of projects or financing for research and innovation.

Banks, national promotional banks and financial institutions

We provide loans to financial institutions that are financial intermediaries for SME’s midcaps and local authorities. Financial intermediaries may also benefit from MBF portfolio guarantee instruments.

We raise the money we lend on the international capital markets through bond issues and through some of our anonymous investor. Our excellent rating allows us to borrow at good rates. We’re not in this to make a big profit. So we pass these good rates onto our clients.